Feb 22, 2013

My New Camera

I officially have the D7000!!
I've been talking about getting this camera for years. You would think I would change my mind or something.  There are so many newer cameras out there, but to be honest THIS one has been calling my name for years. What have I been using?? Nikon D60. I bought it in January of 2009 and when I held it in my hands I was amazed.
August #2
Silly to think back at those confusing days, days of learning. I'm still learning everyday, but here I am again holding magnificence in my hand.
Photo Session with D7000

As with the D60, I bought a dummies book for the D7k. You would think after handling a DSLR for a few years now that I would know what I'm doing, but each camera is a little different. I believe it is crucial to understand the ins & outs of your gear so that you are fully capable of acquiring the image you're after, or to at least make your life easier. My dummies book for the D60 is still the best photography resource I've used. 
The lens that I have with the camera is an 18-200mm. I chose that because I currently have a kit lens (for the D60) 18-55mm and then a 55-200mm and to be honest, I absolutely hate changing lenses. HATE IT. If the deed required me changing the lens, I would almost always just use my P&S. Sad, right?
SO, some of the first photos I took were in Zion National Park! I used the presets because I was still learning how to use the camera in general (didn't read the dummies book yet). Here are some of the first shots in the camera:

Can't wait to take more!!