Dec 27, 2011

Project 52

This is what Daniel came up with when I told him I wanted to do Project 365 again, but that I know I'll have a hard time like in 2010 with the frequency of my posting. Basically you take photos throughout the week and then you pick one to be your photo of the week. At the end of the year you should have about 52. I'm still trying to figure what day of the week to designate as my posting day, we'll both find out during the first week of 2012! haha =>
As with 365 there are several flickr groups out there that support project 52:

The top two don't care when in the year that you join, as long as you do 52 weeks. The bottom one is obviously for the year of 2012.
This should be a fun project, please join up! =>
For those who want to look at my project 365 in 2010, HERE it is.

I have other projects to mention and I'll do so in another post, stay tuned =>